1. C.P.S Adejumobi
2. C.P.S Karimu
3. Idi Ose Iganna
4. Temidire Iganna
5. C.P.S Elekokan
6. Nomadic School, Iganna
7. C.P.S Olomopupo
8. L.A. School Iganna
9. R.C.M. Iganna
10. C.P.S Ofeegun
11. Innamere C.P.S
12. C.P.S Aladura
13. M.C.P.S Elekokan I & II
14. A.D.S School II Iganna
15. Nomadic School II, Iganna
16. MFBC Agba
17. Nomadic School Alaraba
18. Nomadic School Ola-Iya
19. Nomadic School Apata Ibadan
20. MCPS Iganna
21. MFBS Araromi Epo
22. MFBS Igbo Ojowu
23. MFBS Efungbade
24. MFBS Apaara/Itee
25. Nomadic School Gbendeke
26. Nomadic School Oobo
27. MFBS Onikoro.

B. The names and location of Private School in our LCDA are:

1. Bembow International Nursery & Primary School, Oke-Ago Area, Iganna.
2. Oshinkeye Nursery & Primary School, Oke-Adura Area, Iganna.
3. Hirank Nursery & Primary School, behind Pure Water Factory, Iganna.
4. Hopemmas Nursery & Primary School, behind Gbaja River, Iganna.
5. Temitope Nursery & Primary School, Abeepin Area, Iganna.
6. Dahwatul Islam Nursery & Primary School, Oke-Ago Area, Iganna.
7. Heritage Nursery & Primary School, Oke-Aafin, Iganna.
C. The names and location of Secondary School:
1. Iganna High School, Iganna.
2. Community Grammar School, Oke-Balogun, Iganna.
3. Baptist High School, Iganna.
4. Community Grammar School, Elekokan.
D. The names and location of Private Secondary School:
1. Ade-Ayo College, Oke-Adua, Iganna.
2. Muslim High School, Iganna.
3. Hyrank College, Iganna.


It is annual festival celebrated among the Indigenous people of Iganna mostly orchestrated by the top echelon of Egungun worshipers.

Egungun festival is usually celebrated in the 4th week in the month of August every year. It is a festival that draws people from far and near, usually attended by the various segments of the society viz; the men, women, market women, Artisans, Clubs and Societies. It is an occasion that bring together all lovers of tradition and culture. There is no any other e vents that draw people together like this festival.
Always in attendance are; the Kabiyesi, all traditional chiefs, the various egungun masquerades seated in their traditional clans. The climax of the occasion is the slashing of the goat with single stroke of sword. If the goat’s head is slashed with single stroke of sword, the whole Community would be agog with celebration, dancing is usually followed by the various Egungun groups, their families & other people present. Other side attraction was the able men’s fight who fights one another with cane. An adjudged good fighter/champion is the one who fights with cane and never shivers, but stands straight unperturbed despite several strokes of cane.